Corporate Culture:
Achieving superior quality, maintaning high reputation, omnibearing management, providing sincere service.
Enterprise vision:
To provide customers with better quality, more advanced forging production line.
Enterprise core values:
Thanksgiving, loyal, passion, innovate.
Enterprise concept:
Production concept:As scheduled, according to the standard, according to the drawings, according to the process, safe, pragmatic and efficient.
Quality concept:Quality is the life of an enterprise.
Management conceptSympathetic treatment, everything specification, perform in place.
Business philosophy:Sincere to the letter, the high-quality goods city.
Talant concept:Having both ability and political integrity is talent.
Service concept:Exceed user expectations.
Technology philosophy:Excellence, innovation, service.
Security concept:Nip in the bud, responsibility is more important than Mount Tai.
Customer concept:Stand in awe of the costomer, the customer is supreme.
Team conceptUnite as one, moving in tandem.