A、On April 18, 2014, the company was listed successfully in Qingdao blue sea equity trading center, with the equity code 800009, which opened a new chapter of the company's development.Since the company listed the preparation work, has been strict with each work must be standardized, the process in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality management system certification, workshop management, site management has a lot of ascension.

B、The manufacturing capacity of workshop equipment is very advanced.From 2009 to 2013, the company has purchased several large and heavy duty lathe.TK6920 and TK6926 are two large CNC boring and milling machines, with 140 tons of the largest CNC rotary table in China.The XKA2840*160 large nc dynamic beam boring and milling machine is the largest in the province.The 6.3-meter heavy-duty CNC and 2* 12m heavy-duty horizontal CNC lathes with a load of 120T have greatly improved the processing capacity of the company and ensured the machining accuracy of the products.

C、In January 2014, the company successfully signed the domestic first J53-12500 type friction screw press cooperation agreement with NanjingForging company , to fill the domestic blank, marks the company's equipment manufacturing strength to a new level.The j53-16000t friction screw press has been designed and ready to be put into production.The electric screw press manufctured by our company can reach energy saving more than 48.5% compared with the same specifications of double disc friction press testing by National Foundry and metalforming machinery quality supervision and inspection center., and the blow strength is big, the forming precision is high.EP160T to 2500T electric screw press has been mass-produced. EP4000T electric screw press has been developed and is now in production.The MP series hot forging crank press refers to the advanced and mature production technology of foreign countries, which has the advantages of stable performance and anti-bias load.Among them, the 1600T and 2500T hot forging crank press exported to Brazil has been used stably for four years and won high praise from customers.The 6300T and 8000T hot forging crank press are in production.In addition, electric screw press and hot forging crank press have been awarded a number of national invention patents. 

D、In 2013, the company added 120 million yuan of new investment and 50 mu of new land to build more than 20,000 square meters of heavy workshop.The completion of the new workshop will better meet the assembly and commissioning of the large press, which will lay the foundation for the future sustainable development of the company.